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The Problem

Succession and land related cases account for about 50% of the cases that are filed in the Kenyan Judicial System. A lot more are not registered since people lack information on the succession process. The process of transferring inherited property is INCONVENIENCING, FRUSTRATING & RESOURCE-DRAINING

Lack of information on Succession

Many people, even the educated, do not know the detailed procedures to be followed in the succession process.

Inconveniences & Frustration

Judges give notice that they won't sit, yet this information does not reach the litigants who then travel for long distances unnecessarily

Wastage of Time / Man-Hours

Litigants have to travel for long distances to the court registries in order to get the status of their cases. Adjournments also cause this

Wastage of Financial Resources

The unnecessary travels result in wastage of financial resources through the travel related expenses

Our Solution

FAMALIA is coined from two Swahili words FAMILIA - FAMILY & MALI - PROPERTY. It addresses cases dealing with FAMILY PROPERTY. 26% of Kenyans own a smart phone, another 56% own a basic phone. Our solution therefore reaches the whole 82% of them. We empower people with information on succession cases via SMS & USSD

SMS Notification in case of Adjournment

Subscribed users will receive SMS notification when a judge gives notice that he won't sit on a particular date, preventing unnecessary travel

SMS Notification in case of any update on the case file

SMS notifications will be sent to subscribers, should any changes occur on their files e.g. when a hearing date is set

SMS query of the status of cases

Members of the general public will also be allowed to conveniently query and receive the status of any succession cases.

SMS detailing the process followed in the succession process

Members of the public will also be able to query and receive information, detailing the exact procedures to be followed in the succession process in Kenya

Our Team

Regina Cherotich

Co-Founder & Head of Business Development

Mathew Egessa

Co-Founder & Head of Product Development

Juliet Nyarindo

Advocate of the High Court of Kenya & Head of Legal

Kenyan Statistics


Average Property Related Cases Registered Annually in Kenya


Average Property Related Cases that Remain Pending Annually


Approximate Listed Beneficiaries in Property Related Cases

Source: The State of the Judiciary and Administration of Justice Reports( [2011/2012] ; [2012/2013] ; [2013/2014] ; [2014/2015])

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  • Address: Swahilipot Hub
    Swahili Cultural Centre, Sir Mbarak Hinaway Rd.
    Next to Mombasa Hospital., Old Town, Mombasa

  • Mail Us: hello@famalia.co.ke

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